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October 6, 2013 by musehick

I knew I did it, do it rather – when I talk about films or TV shows I talk about them in terms that a writer would use. Someone I was speaking to pointed this out to me, and how interesting it was to see it from my perspective. I try and learn from everything.

I haven’t owned a TV for the longest time, but I have been watching a lot of TV shows via Amazon Prime, and really digging into the serials is a great education  in how to make a long form story that is delivered in parts work, and how to make characters interact across several story lines that drive each other.

I intend to deliver a lot of flash fiction serials that build into novellas and am working to get all the chapters written so I can go live with them and deliver them on a regular basis. TV has slightly different tensions at work that come from the need for ratings and the possibility the show might end prematurely but hoping it won’t, so having to present encapsulated parts of a story that can be curtailed, while building an arc that moves towards a certain conclusion. With my flash fiction I can deliver in the frequency and format that best serves my story.

Poetry books are popping left right and centre into the editing pile, and will be ready to publish soon too.


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