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September 24, 2013 by musehick

I had something of a rough weekend. It cuts into living, and it cuts into writing. But I am reading again this book which I have had a troubled history with, or rather a series I have had a troubled history with – The Dark Tower. Book 4 of the series, Wizard and Glass, kind of derailed the ride I was on with the story, and then I caught glimmers of where the story was headed to past that, and my willingness to be along on  the ride faltered. Wolves Of The Calla has therefore taken me an inordinately long time to move through. An interview with Stephen King about Doctor Sleep rekindled something in me though, and I found myself eager to pick up and read the books again, and I found after a few short pages worth of King’s storytelling I was re-enamoured and plugged back into my curiosity and wonder with the world of the Dark Tower.

If you find these stories that fire up your imagination, couple them with some drive-forward inspiring music, then your own stories start to come pouring forth too. I have lots of poetry bubbling up from my brain all the time, but the prose is in the slow-cooker, stewing, all that meat bubbling and rolling over in its own juices, and when that meal is finally served, I am confident it will taste really good. Something to look forward too, not just for me I hope.


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