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September 15, 2013 by musehick

I am sitting here, having yesterday finished a book I halfheartedly read back in school (I wrote a great essay on it, but that was one of my talents … to be able to pick salient points from a book i had not fully read for an essay) and I am embarking on another novel which suffered from being something I had to read and therefore chose not to – Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. She is a writer I have sadly neglected, having only read Orlando and a couple of essays here and there, to the effect that I feel a little fraudulent sometimes claiming to be well read (I am, but gaps provoke doubt).

Any way, the thing which provoked me to sit down and make an entry here, was that I was struck by the fact that I really like reading the introductions at the front of the book before the story. It’s probably not that remarkable, but I do know there are some people who skip right over that part. If it is done really well though, and sidesteps that error of becoming a one-sided monologue from a talking head, it can quite revelatory and can throw some light on the book in question and some of the writer’s process, which I am always eager to learn about.

It makes me wonder if some day I might expect to have the same honour bestowed on me and one of my books, and I really hope that comes to pass.

One of the other things about picking up this book to read that is wonderful is, it is the same book I neglected all those years ago, and while it is in great condition, it has aged with me,and that seems somehow fitting.

On the writing end – lots of poetry, some prose, and some book covers designed – still behind the scenes action primarily … but the iceberg will surface; or rather a whole host of icebergs.


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