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July 21, 2013 by musehick

I am gearing up for a daily assault on your sense across several different websites that I have been writing on for years – of my own coinage, and for specific kinds of thoughts, and some of which I may have been a tad backed off from in recent years. can’t be scared of words right?

Skull Cull in a couple of different iterations – one which had over 200,000 hits on it, has been the cultural cul-de-sac I have plowed since 2006, and I have been trying to get it geared up and running for a while. I am consuming quite a lot of stuff lately (sure, i know some people hate that crass capitalistic term, but it is my writing so they can go fuck themselves) so the idea of not actually adding to the cultural discourse on the things I like seems more than a little retarded and remiss of me.

My Music Sight is my aiming to get to a point where I can emulate one of my music writing heroes Lester Bangs and write something important about the music that I love. Have I managed to do this quite yet? No, probably not. But I am hoping that you will at least find the journey a little interesting.

Polithick is a site I started a while ago, and to be honest is something that I set aside while I was going through the visa process on the advice of people who felt that having inflammatory or even possibly slightly controversial opinions about political matters out there in the world might not be the wisest of things to do. But I want to look at and address the insanity of the political world, and I believe that I may have something to say on it that adds to people’s lives.

Blog For Blog’s Sake has always just been a random dumping ground for the crap that i don’t know where else it will fit, and occasionally in there I post something that is relevant to someone else’s life, and it resonates.

Eyeknew was and is meant to be a place where someone can subscribe and just get all the data about what it is that I am doing in different places, so that is going to fire up again, and some of the old stuff that never got posted is maybe going to flood through that page in the coming weeks.

What’s Worked For Me is a new venture – one aimed at laying out there the successful actions that I have carried out in my life in a way that may help other people, and will at least let me remember what I was doing in my life that was and is good and contributes to my survival.

The Cult Of Perspicuity is something I have been working on for a while, and it is intended to be an antidote to all those fake people out there who pretend to communicate and do nothing but bullshit you.

Assembled Against Apathy is intended to be an informational rallying point that shakes people out of the apathy that intrudes into all arenas of life. It is going to undergo a little redesign, but the content is going to start moving along like it never has before.

This Gallery Is An Art Graveyard is where I have intended to discuss the art that I love, but it has sat dormant, and has waited my attention for a while, but it is about to get a new lease of life.

The Church Of The Floating Head is me having some fun – does it have a point? Who knows.

Graf Hick likewise, has been something of a ghost town, and that needs to change.

The Fucking Fun Foundation has been a unoccupied building in want of a tenant, and I intend to move in.

Maphoties died a death because I stopped taking photographs of anything, and so my growth in that area did not occur. But it is something I most definitely want to rekindle.

Musehickism Philosopheme is where I intend to develop and outline what my philosophy as an artists and a human being really is.

Ivory Power is where I am going to discuss being white, in an ill-advised move that runs counter to everything in the current environment, and is not, I assure you, racist in any way.

An Aesthetic is where I am going to explore my own aesthetic and its development.

This does not include each of my poetry and fiction sites, so you can see, I intend to be very busy.


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