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July 10, 2013 by musehick

Books are fuel. You are a rocket. If you wish to fly to the moon and beyond you need primo fuel.

Editing requires stamina. It also requires strong teeth and big balls and a deaf ear to turn to people who try to plead with you.

Designing a book cover takes a sharp eye and the sensibility of a perfectionist lover who is as literal as an abstract painting of a surveyor who has developed a permanent squint from judging straight lines.

Poetry is like aiming at a target by praying that the ricochet hits it by chance and throwing away the target and keeping the map of the trajectory.

Prose is the unpacking of the case into the room so other people can pick through the dirty laundry of the central characters, and then squeezing it into a thimble that smacks them in the centre of the head like Newton’s apple.

Non fiction is an artful pretence of telling the truth while being creative.


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