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June 30, 2013 by musehick

Do you ever feel blocked? Like there a shit backed up in your mental pipeline that is sat there like a huge blockage, and all your ideas are constipated? I know that I have suffered from this very mental affliction and it is not fun … it fucks with you and it can force you further down into the doldrums that sometimes you write from (the misguided notion persisting that you have to be miserable in order to be creative).

Have you ever considered that what you consume as a reader effects what you turn out as a writer? Sure, some of you are going, hey, no shit. But sometimes you might think that you are tucking into a hearty meal when what you are really eating is some carb loaded sugar laced quick-rush volume of bullshit, which has you all inspired, and then you crash.

You sit there trying to squat out some masterpiece and all you deliver into the world is a dried up little turd of a thing that has the heart of a miser beating at its shrivelled centre.

If you ingest quality you might be able to extrude quality at the other end of the sausage maker.

I know, the extended metaphor is a little crude, but crap begets crap, and if someone subsists on a diet of shite then what the hell do you expect them to be able to produce?

Most good writers I know or read always seem to recommend good books too. It gets reiterated over and over again by different people, but it is still a question that I see people asking. How do I learn to write? Read. Perhaps it is a little too simple to ring true for some people – they want complexity. Where does that complexity get them? Mentally constipated.


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