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June 28, 2013 by musehick

I read a lot of different interviews – yes, I have said this before; and I also find a lot of things on writer’s websites that I like to read, because they are educational.

It is interesting for me to read the blogs of different writers at different echelons of fame, and I find myself wondering where I fit into the picture, and even if I do. I am sure I must because I write and I am member of different communities. The thing is, if you divide writers up into famous, infamous, and unfamous, I find myself firmly rooted in the last of the three categories.

Do I have to move up through them? I think a lot of people have to do their time in obscurity and then they slowly seep into enough people’s consciousness to start making an impact somewhere.

Anyway, that whole fame-hound / whore thing I occasionally wonder about is not, by any means, the main focus of my writerly ambitions. i have been looking a lot at Warren Ellis as a model of a career, if not as a way to map the trajectory of how I would like to necessarily advance, but there are some things that he does in terms of inspiring people and forging ahead in new and interesting ways that i really like.

His latest project, Scaterlands is invigorating, not only for its storyline, but for its format, which makes the whole idea of producing a comic a lot more confrontable for those of us who have had ambitions in that area for a while. When I was at school I used to be part of a couple of groups that drew our own comics, and I was pretty good at art, and haven’t lost that totally (ahem), so the idea is appealing, and somewhere in the mix of shit that I am turning out, there has to be room for a comic or two.

Editing is beckoning again soon, and the desire to close out some cycles and finish off those works which, I find it surprising to think sometimes, have been in existence for going on ten years in a state of incompleteness. Time to finish them. And in case you haven’t picked this up from reading these posts – this is the place where I dig in the spurs and drive myself forward.


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