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June 14, 2013 by musehick

I had been writing quite a lot and getting a lot of books ready for completion, and then the wheels kind of came off the wagon a little bit, and then radio silence for a second.

I am getting order back in and the organisation is going to pay off. There are a lot of things in the editing stages – some which have kind of sat there in limbo for too long and which need to be rescued. One of these is the group project I am working on which isvery exciting; I am working on a cool collaborative project with some writers  I respect a lot.

I have been reading and watching films, and music, while I surfed a bit of a physical burnout. A literal burnout in the case of the third degree burn on my hand (which is miraculously healed, more of elsewhere).

Intoviews is yelling at me for some regular attention. And this place wherein I order my thoughts and coalesce the plans for the next phase in my writing has been quiet, and that reflects the lack of organise and forward push. I am going to be shifting, once I have finished this current batch of 30 poems long  books to the 50 poem a book format I was using before. I am continuing on a couple of long form projects, and all those stalled short story collections need to come out of editing limbo.

I have website projects I also need to push along, and slowly slowly some of it is starting to look more than manageable.

My head is starting to get clearer on the subject of selling and advertising, and this is important, because I want to fully debug the distribution of my books and get them out there to people.

But one definite thing – and sure, I know I said it before, but even if it is a paragraph for the day, this place needs to be updated. I know that, because the thinking here drives me forward.


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