April 11, 2013 by musehick

So, today I gave birth to Tree and Bark, a jazz sci-fi post apocalypse epic flash fiction serial experiment, and how is that for a punchy summation?

Are you curious as to how it was born? How I formulated it all? Well, for those of you that are I wanted to give you a scattered map of how I arrived where I arrived with it all. So I am sitting there yesterday at work and I am typing the word machine into the google search engine and I make the mistake of typing in machien, and I look at it and I’m think interesting – my dog in french. I get immediate ideas of un chien anadalou and I hear the Pixies singing. Then I think, as a punny bastard often does – ma chien machine – my dog machine and ma chien machine was born.

Well, kind of. I am sitting there listening to Don Cheadle talk about acting being like jazz, and I smile, because harmalodics by Ornette Coleman sings in my blood – straight from him and via Royal Trux; and Bird and Diz skip in my heartbeat, direct, and through the jazz stylings of Kerouac. And then, who do I see in the next episode of “Inside The Actor’s Studio” I find? Forrest Whitaker … the actor who played Bird in one of my favourite films.

And I sit down to write and there it is – the musical syncopation of brushes on drums, finger clicks, double bass strumming, saxaphone screaming heart of Tree, heart of Bark, atonal wave of nuclear war background all collecting up and streaming out through the fingers into the keyboard, onto the screen.

And there we go.

And I wrote a poem too – because it is poetry month, and I am a singing heartbeat with poetry down to the marrow.


One thought on “Wednesday

  1. The connection between having children and writing fiction is (I imagine) so strong that to say you “gave birth” to your fiction is quite fitting.

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