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March 13, 2013 by musehick

I have been rolling on with Twenty Twenty in the aims of getting to Ten Ten, and if you don’t know about those then you are new and welcome, or old and for some reason absent – so, welcome, and welcome back. I have a new serial kind of starting in the way a car put up on bricks starts – the idea is there, it just needs to get completed. I have been focussing on bringing other books to completion but this idea was nagging at me. Want to know what it is? Well, you will have to keep coming back for news of the launch.

I am just about getting used to my new schedule with my new job so stuff should be coming thick and fast soon. I am not sure how many books I put out last year, but we are three months in and this looks a little a lean thus far this year – gonna have to remedy that. And then, you know what? You know what I am gonna master this year? Selling the bloody things. There are enough people reading my outpourings on the blogs so the books should be selling like hot-cakes. Anyway …

Some weeks the balance leans towards writing books and publishing books and being creative, and some weeks it leans heavily towards living life, and that has been happening a little of late. But you know what? I like creating shit so I am gonna get on top of my time management and handle that stuff so that I can live the life and right the write. I helped a friend self publish; I am going to be editing an anthology I am part of … all exciting stuff.


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