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February 26, 2013 by musehick

So, Twenty Twenty Week is in full swing, and despite a lot of shit that is hitting the fan, shit which I have an adequately large umbrella to shield me from, I am pushing forward with my mission to get all of my poetry blogs each up to 20 poems. I am 3 sites down thus far, and I have found an interesting phenomenon occurring. Apparently when I am involved in intensive writing I start to rhyme more.

I know some people hate rhyming – that it is seen as something of a throw back, and that it is seen as antithetical to modernism, or post-modernism, or some other trendy ism which is the in vogue thinking apparatus of the day, but who gives a fuck? Thinking wants to be free, and just because it rhymes it does not mean that it is shackled.

Sometimes I act like I am sparring with someone who is antagonistic to me, and I present an argument against that antagonism. Why would I do this? Seeming to internalise an argument that is exterior to me, is as yet unvoiced, and then giving it a voice? Well, some part of me might see that it is a great idea to defuse the possible arguments people prepare before they level them against me. It is kind of like taking that joke that  someone might be able to tell about you and telling it yourself because if anyone is going to make fun of you it is better it is you.

By the way, these internal thoughts should more often than not remain inside your head, and might be better passed through the filter of an editor who would say – stow the headjunk, but I don’t have the benefit of that. Or rather I do have an editor, myself, who occasionally thinks it humorous to let this crapola seep out. Why? Because it entertains me and I have to assume that if you are following you may find similar things entertaining.

Any way, a lot of that is by the by, the main point is I am writing up a storm. Part one of the plan is in action. Part two is to do the same for the books which are to be compiled into both short story collections and novellas. Part three is going to be novels galore. It is exciting? No.

Ah, and somewhere in the planning there are all the socially leaning plans I am formulating. Because you know what? The times when I have the most success are those times when I am helping other independent writers. The support network that all independent writers need is right where they often fail to look – amongst their own ranks. To create a strong independent writer supporting community one has to stand up and be the leaders of that strong independent writer supporting community, and I wish to help facilitate that, because I wish to be out in front helping people, and the best way to help people is to be out in front helping to shape the way that community forms, because I have strong beliefs about how that community should function and I am willing to commit to those beliefs and the exercise of them.

Watching a lot of West Wing does this.


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