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February 21, 2013 by musehick

I pushed through last night with no sleep and am awake and feeling good – this, I know from experience, will last up until the point when I most need to feel good. Sleep is a thing I must indulge in.

I read a whole bunch of interviews last night, and I am beginning to think that the kind of advice I like the most from writers is that which boils down to go your own way. Anything else usually comes off as someone providing a round hole for you to hammer your square peg into, and who is interested in doing that? Still, I want to be a total hypocrite and finish the book on writing I have in the works, because I am just that kind of guy.

I started watching The Avatar for the first time last night – the Last Airbender, not the thing with the blue Native Americans in it, and not the awful movie, but the cartoon. It is something my friend Broadie has been evangelical about for the longest time but I just never got around to it. It hits that same kind of space which Harry Potter occupies – a well told story that on the surface is just for kids. I would like to write something like that – something where all ages could enjoy it; not just for the money either, but because it represents as close to pure story-telling as you can get, and has none of that showy intellectualism that some people like to spray over everything like it is the wonder-perfume that is going to disguise a dog-turd.

I have been writing some prose this week, turning the crank handle on the flash fiction serial engine, and getting the dust shaken off stories that were born and left cold and naked for way too long. And the poetry seems to be flooding out of me – lots of different flavoured books spiced with death, sex, old love and new love, and whatever the fuck else my head and heart need to drop to remain uncluttered and full of sunlight.

I am feeling like I am on fire at the moment, and the collaborative project I have been whispering to you about on here is ready for me to do the second round of edits as the draft gets handed off to me by one of my collaborators. Very cool.


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