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February 15, 2013 by musehick

I had a pretty good unbroken run of posts there, ah well. I will get back on the horse. One of my collaborative projects should be fairly close to dropping soon, I am hoping. I have been writing a lot of poetry, and the books are all lining up. At some point all of them will drop too. I am planning on editing a whole bunch of shit together and there is going to be something for you to read. Some of that obviously has been published online before, but is still, in my humble opinion worth owning. I am also going to debug the whole thing with e-books this year. I need to do some research on this whole DRM situation though – on a first read it looks like a further strike at the stability of writing as a profession which you can be soluble in. I don’t know if there is an idea that people will keep on writing for the love of it and the go-between business men will swoop in and cream off the profits … because that seems like an unnecessary relationship.

Anyway, after a brief hiatus I will be back and regular, and all the sites should be getting a more regular schedule.


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