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February 12, 2013 by musehick

It is early. I have not slept yet. I have been working on things. I have been having ideas. I have been planning on ways to make my ideas become reality. I am a semi-burned-out retard mess at this precise moment; semi-blind from lack of sleep, running on a thin scream of a caffeine high, and writing before I fall into a coma.

I started on Storylanes today, actually writing that is. Why and for what reason? Because they provide nice little prompts for me to riff off of and produce something short and interesting (hopefully) that I might not write about unbidden. I might collect them all up at the end and throw them in a book.

One other reason for doing this – for writing on other sites and not just confining my outpourings to my own sites, is that these places have a built-in audience, and they allow me to spread the word far and wide to people who I might otherwise never hook up with.

This is my philosophy – throw as much shit at the wall as you can produce, and some of it will stick with people, some of it may stain them, some of them will wonder what the smell is and come and sniff at it, and some of it may remain there to be discovered in the way that fossilised turds get discovered. Yes, that is an over-extended metaphor comparing my work to poop. Sometimes, I just get inspired, OK?


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