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February 12, 2013 by musehick

OK, so I am going to pretend that I am writing this on Monday because it is about the thought processes I had on Monday and I have labelled it Monday; except telling you that I am pretending I am writing this Monday kind of does away with the pretence, right? Except I could just be fucking with you all for no godly reason. I could post at any time in the week and set the blog to tell you I wrote this Monday. Time kind of disappears on the internet sometimes.

If you were to try and dig down into the substrata of the internet it gets a little bit harder to take a core sample and say – this is what the information gets like if you drill down deeper into the internet, because its history is as mutable as its present. The whole thing is built on shifting sand, and anyway, enough already, right?

Waves of probability, quantum computers, splashing across the spines of the shore of my mind and collapsing into definite answers – the chosen path. I do not follow the way; I am more interested in the destination. Books, and poems, and blogs all have to reach somewhere in order for the money shot to mean anything, right? If all these experiences were, to be frankly very crude, one long bukkake fest, you would get bored, right? Well, maybe not, eh? Sick fuckos.

Anyway, all of this, tangentially, and circuitously, to say, that I have had an idea for a site that deals in solutions, and will be making it’s way online fairly shortly. Not much writing was done Monday. I was sleeping and working and shit.


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