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February 8, 2013 by musehick

So weird that I thought I posted something for Thursday, but then last night ran late and I kind of tanked on waking up the normal time this morning, and Friday may slide the same way.

I think I wrote a whole bunch of shit today – poems for different websites that crawl towards their birth as books down the narrow birth canal of my focused imagination. And I have been reading interviews galore, and I have been clocking up interviews galore. Intoviews lapsed today, but there will be more soon.

Today I sat down and wrote a scattered masterplan for world domination, which I will go back and hammer into an ordered masterplan that builds on the solid foundation of all the hard work I have put in on behalf of myself and the independent writing community over the years. I want to bring back, along with a few others I know, a paying market, where writers actually get given money for their product in a fair exchange – what a revolutionary idea, eh?

I aim to market myself in a non-crass way that gives people who like me and people who don’t know me an aesthetic and enlightening pathway down which to tread towards my work. I occasionally bleat about product and consumption, which I do agree sometimes cheapens the whole enterprise, but getting money for what I give people helps me fund myself to provide more things to give to people. And I want to help others, so it’s all good right? Right.

Watch this space for details of the fruition of this whole plan. And be grateful that despite being half-awake / half -asleep depending on your optimist pessimist viewpoint, I had enough sense to delete the preachy hypocritical bullshit sermon I had in mind about the exchange between an artist and his audience. I am a douche sometimes, but not that kind of douche.


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