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February 8, 2013 by musehick

Weird to be writing Friday so close after writing Thursday, and what to say  when one follows so closely on the “news” one has already announced? Does that mean this post will be full of non-news? Well, maybe.

I know I have some people who are reading me on here now, because I see them in the breakdown stats that I can check on the board. And I often wonder what people actually think about the words which I write here. What do people take away from the things I write? I am hoping that it is sometimes more  than just an expanded RSS feed and that as well as letting you know what yours truly is doing, that sometimes there are a few interesting peeks behind the curtain, and that those glimpses of my own thought processes and working processes might be useful.

Is it selfish to say that even if there were no one reading I might still babble on? Maybe not. I am sure there are quite a few guys who write who are not quite sure who their  audience are and what they are drawing from the well of thought contained within their blog. I write for myself but I want my audience to enjoy it, and the fact I have one, whatever size that may be, means I am communicating. I know what I sometimes communicate, and I see on other blogs that some writers get to see what the picture, completed by the reader’s vision of the work, is. Sure, for this site, which some kind of mutant offspring of an opinion column, workbook, random thoughts collection, isn’t trying to be anything but a loose assemblage of writing with the point of showing the writer as work in progress, but seeing how that reads to others might be interesting.

Cutting the golden goose open is a bad impetus, but I think it is something that plagues a lot of those born into a post-modern era. It is hard not to get caught in that self-referential, self-reverential, ironic, dissection, detournment, way of thinking – that, as my dad would say, wants to know the far end of a fart, but not about anything external to itself – just to hold up a mirror to its own workings. I am the product of a vain culture. Being a writer I may kind of crest out  slightly above most people on that score – I like the sound of my own voice a lot – see how much I write.

Anyway, this is kind of constructive babbling and comes from the same place and flows from the same place that produced the brainstorming I did earlier which is going to drive me and my projects forward … which might eventually become of interest to those who I intend to benefit from them. As ever – the eternal plea – watch this space!


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