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February 6, 2013 by musehick

I am really enjoying the Intoviews revival. The way that different people take the baker’s dozen of questions I ask them and run with it provides an interesting insight into the writers and artists as much as the actual answers to the questions.

I am pushing a lot of different sites out there at the moment, and the idea is to keep the momentum rolling on each of them so the readers remain interested. A lot of them I try to add something daily, but this is not always possible. I am writing daily, and projects do roll forward.

Part of what I am doing at the moment is going through and finding those projects which stalled out and resurrecting them. My aim is to cut down the time from the genus of a project to its completion. This isn’t a factory production line, obviously, but that is one thing that I liked about Andy Warhol’s whole idea – the work ethic. This is work, and it does have an end product.

If you like the projects while they are online and free, it would be great if you would support them when they become their final physical forms too. When I have money I like to buy things from independent artists; I like to support that sector, because that is where I locate myself.

One thing I have tried to do with the people I know, and myself, is to raise the level of professionalism where independent product is concerned. We have all the means at our disposal that the majors do, and we can produce something that competes, so why shouldn’t we? There is some glory in DIY, but DIY doesn’t have to mean amateur. Who is going to lose if you know what you are doing? It is a win win situation, and it is an ethos I really think you should embrace.

I try to avoid typos; I try to make sure that the aesthetics of my site work. I put a lot of care into the things that I put out there for people to interact with. Why? Because I am sharing a part of myself, and I want that part to be received well, not half-heartedly. If you give someone something that is beautiful and heartfelt to interact with then their interaction is all the more likely to be of a similar nature.

One has to work but one can have fun in the creative aspect of that. But one should not lose sight that there are people you are trying to communicate with, and the nature of your communication will draw in a certain kind of response. Be passionate about everything you do when you are trying to engage others and they will be passionate about your work and how they engage with you.


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