February 1, 2013 by musehick

So, I know that I always thrive most when I am part of an active artistic community, and whether that is something like a tight and focused writer’s group, like Writer’s, Prizefighters, Caffeine-Inspired All-Nighters, which has survived and gone through many changes, and is about to return from hiatus, or something a little more disparate and loose – like the associations I have made through facebook, it is something valuable.

To be feeding back into the community that I am part of gives back to me tenfold. I like interviewing people to find where they are at creatively and seeing what their art, which I have usually consumed, means to them, and what they are hoping to communicate with it. It gives me food for thought and it provides them with an arena to share in.

When I am isolated and sat here behind the screen just churning out work, it can all get a bit insular and masturbatory. It is why I go outside sometimes and explore the world. Hermits may have really deep thoughts, but looking at your navel is not going to produce thoughts that have much reference to the outside world and the people that exist within it.

I write to connect, after all, and sure, if a story I write starts off as something as I enjoy writing and I get that much from it, that is cool, but who doesn’t want someone to read what they are crafting? Not me.

Today I started a site called Musehickism Philosopheme wherein I am going to develop some kind of philosophy about what it is that I truly believe in, all with a sense of humour, of course. And Monday will see the re-launch of intoviews my interview site for creatives.


3 thoughts on “Friday

  1. northernmalewhite says:

    “Consumed” is such an ugly word. It implies something done without thought or emotion. As for artistic communites i try to keep away from them as they are generally bores!

    • musehick says:

      I can see that consumed can have that connotation, but I think anyone who observes how I “consume” would hopefully see that I am not doing so without thought or emotion, and generally the interactions I receive seem to recognise that I am genuinely interested in the people and art objects I interact with. Art communities vary, like anything, and sure, some of them can be borefests, but you get out what you put in, and creating a community and having like-minded people can’t be a bad thing, surely? When I first came to the states that kind of community enabled me to travel around and do readings across the country.

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