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January 29, 2013 by musehick

Well, it is kind of interesting to be actually writing this with daylight streaming in behind me through the Venetian blinds. My life has kind of gone through some radical changes of late. I realised a while ago that my dietary health left something to be desired, and I was primarily eating a bunch of cheap crap from Family Dollar that was not providing me with me any nutritional value at all.

I started off on a gradient process of going into the shop next door to Family Dollar,  called Nature’s Food Patch, which sells organic food and health supplements, etc, and got myself over the idea of spending a little extra money on food. I bought myself some yoghurts initially, and some apples. I then decided I was just going to start buying all my food from there because the yoghurts were great, so I picked up some organic chicken and some vegan rice which were actually both fairly reasonable in price. Now, the thing I noticed, which I have to admit really surprised me, was that I was eating less, but I actually felt full for longer, and the digestive problems I was having, and the gut which I had been developing all went away – this was within a couple of months of eating this way.

I had already started buying Vitamins from CVS – primarily I was taking B1, Acidophilus and Fish Oil, which had been recommended to me as a general way to improve my health. As I went along I added in Enzymes, which are derived from leafy green plants and, as I understand it help with the breaking down of certain proteins (eggs had been giving me an issue of bloat, though I was able to eat them since switching to organic) ; I also included Potassium Gluconate which promotes muscle and nerve health. So, by this point, probably about 3 months in to a diet a change I was feeling pretty good. Then I started doing a cleanse and I was getting rid of a whole bunch of crap out of my body – parasites, coughing up crap that had sat in my lungs; basically reclaiming my body from all the bad things that I had done to it. So recently I started needing to sleep 8 hours, and I mean my body wouldn’t brook any argument – whatever hour I dropped into sleep I would be out of it for exactly 8 hours. This has changed in the last week to me feeling incredibly tired at 12 and just needing to lie down, and again, the 8 hours rule was firmly in place. As the quality of that sleep improved on some days I wake after seven or six hours, and I feel great. It means I have more daylight hours in which to work, which I understand to be healthier, and it puts me in synch with the rest of the world and means I can get more handled.

So, yesterday, as  a result of being around with the rest of the working world I got to speak to my mum – something which has thankfully, once again, become a bit more regular (we had fallen out of communication for quite a while) and my mum, who had revealed to me that she had been writing poetry, actually read some to me. This took a lot of trust as they were very personal poems, mostly written to my father, who passed nearly three years ago, and I was very touch. This represented a very real communication to me, and I wonder if I hadn’t been a writer myself whether this would have been possible.

What else does the healthier regime mean for me as a writer? Well, it means I am going to be around a lot longer for one thing. I feel better, and I know I can write better when I am feeling good. Having to work on other things besides writing, it is good that I am able to function properly and support the thing which is my passion.

I am editing this week and will be putting out physical copies of my books, so watch this space.


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