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January 25, 2013 by musehick

So, other day I kind of named and shamed myself on Goodread for all the books that I have started and not finished in an effor to get myself to finally sit down and read those books through to the end. I want to complete each of those cycles of action and then I can  take my attention off them.

One of the reasons why I come on here and give you an update occasionally on what my progress is on the writing projects that I am engaged in is to prompt a similar renaissance on those sites which I have let go fallow. Some of them occurred because I reached an impasse and was not sure how to progress the story forward; some of them the ony reason the first few parts of the story are up and running is so that I could nail the essence of the story and would not forget that initial idea that came to me at some strange point in the night; some of them it was a case of a shinier object that I saw in another piece I was writing and the current project fell by the wayside.

There are certain things which seem to catch fire in me and I run with them and have them knocked out in no time at all, and other projects I have to think about them a little more and occassionally stop and reorganise my thoughts in regards to them. I love writing – it is the most fun that one can have with their clothes on … it puts you in the driving seat of whole worlds and lets you play god for a little while – there is nothing quite like it.

The one thing which has eluded me thus far and is something that I am going to nail this year is to complete one of the novels that II have been writing. Those few who have read these larger, offline, projects have given me nothing but good feedback, so it is time to sit down and finally get them knocked out. Editing projects also needed to find their way to completion, especially the first volume of both Monkeyspank and Ortoematic which have been waiting in the wings for a while.

I also want to finally get The Magazine Magazine out there. That is more than kind of exciting as an idea and was inspired jointly by Coilhouse, who created amazing art objects for everyone to fall in love with when they put their magazines together; and Bram Gieben who has to be one of the most community minded and hard working of musicians and writers out there with Black Lantern Music and Weaponizer being leading lights and opinion leaders in the huge group of us that follow their every move.

2013: The Beginning Of The World.


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