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January 21, 2013 by musehick

I am not going to say that I am lazy, because I am not, but I have not been producing as much as I can. World domination does not wait for slackers, so I am not slacking.

This week will see the completion and ending of the site bricabracknickknack which has been a rapid scattershot of an exercise that represents the new model for poetry books that I am going to utilise for a little while … 30 poems delivered quickly and turned into books.

In honour of that way of thinking I give you: simple maths bastard; leaves, turn over; and in vivo three sites with very different flavours. Simple maths bastard is going to be an aggressive throatpunch of a thing that gives you some anger-filtered political shit. Leaves turn over is going to be some sad-eyed contemplative poetry about breaking up a relationship. In vivo is going to be me philosophising about life and what it all means.

A fore-runner of the bricabracknickknack site is also going to see completion and conversion this week, and that is the barbarous babblings of a polymath another rapidly delivered shot of lyricism.

Goodreads debuted poetry collections include entropical zentopical; oh, fence!; the twin barrels of natural disasters and unnatural disasters; the karmic debt to absent friends; the headfuck trip of a new magician and for a short while before the book is ready to go contingent haphazards.

There are also some story collections on there which are worth checking out.

On the prose front we have walking the metafloor the story of Moonwire and Cheroot and their battle with the Prosaic moving along nicely.

My non-fiction sites are also due for a much needed overhaul and kick up the arse. Skullcull has been slow as fuck, but I want back and running. Intoviews has garnered some interest and really does need to be resurrected. Eyeknew needs to be brought up to date. I am working on this all. I also need to finish off that Weaponizer serial, posted here. And of course I intend to keep this place ticking along. I want the Magazine Magazine to live this year too.

It requires some planning because as well as the writing I have illustrations to draw, some social site business I want to do, editing, and I have to work and sleep and live too.


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