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January 15, 2013 by musehick

I used to wonder at people who demanded to be heard, because some conservative part of me considered that presumptuous. Well, maybe it is, but that doesn’t mean it is wrong … everyone likes to communicate and they like to think that the communication has been heard and understood. As a writer I understand the frustration of thinking that your work is not being read and I cherish the feeling that I get every time I get a notification that there has been a viewing of my page or a comment made.

Books demand to be read. An unread book is a sad thing – if I used to find an old book sat in the library that appeared never to have been checked out it pained me. When it was by a writer of calibre like Joseph Conrad I would be somewhat mystified.

I try now to make an effort to read the things I am sent because if they are a valuable communique to the person who sent the thing then they should be equally of value to me. In a world where information is delivered at speed and more than a little indiscriminately we are forced to discard things we might otherwise have devoted a little time to, and it can become a habit to treat all data with the same disregard. We should be encouraged to more carefully choose where and how we consume things and in that care we may once again discover the pleasure in what we are given to consume. One poem or novel carefully sought out is surely going to be more resonant than the fiftieth such example you have pirated from some site that charges you nothing and pays no heed to the relationship you should have with the artist.

Any message anyone cares to share with me about what I write here, I can assure you, makes my day.


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