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December 27, 2012 by musehick

I have to admit that when I first heard about Pinterest I wasn’t sure about the potential of it, but it has got me hooked with that addictive quality that I remember feeling when I first encountered pretty much every single social network, but it has been striking me in the last few days as something really useful – it is cuing up my visual memory and allowing me to think in ways that a lack of art books to hand hasn’t allowed me to do in quite a while.

Once those connections start forging, huge strings connecting ideas and images like pieces of pizza connected by cheese to the pizza become evident, and you start to see the context; start to see things that you never saw before. Scrapbooking always used to be a great way to define a visual language that I was piecing together even though I was unaware of the way it was coalescing.

I never sketched that much – I always considered the thing I was doing as the final product. The thought process can be evident in a piece of work and the work can still be complete. If it lives and breathes and moves as you look at it then it is always going to be alive when the reader comes to it.

I am working on some non-fiction works; I am targeting out serials that need finishing, and the much promised novels that have been in their third trimester for so long the baby threatens to come out retarded, will be birthed. I am reading a lot, watching a lot of films, and listening to a lot of music – the crucible of all this will bear fruit which I am hoping you will all be interested in consuming.

An index of links is something of a mammoth task but it is a necessary one.

Poetry books. Critical books. Semi-autobiographical books. Mash-ups. All kinds of things. Comics even. Music even. And spoken word. And maybe film. Cool right?


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