December 12, 2012 by musehick

It seems a little odd to me on those days when I do not write, or in those periods where I don’t write quite so much. It isn’t like I am not doing anything though – I tend to be reading or watching films, and perhaps that fallow period allows some kind of regrouping in order to push forward with fresh writing and new ideas. But there are periods where I can turn out, what I at least consider, to be pretty good work and there is seemingly no end in sight to the ideas.

I was supposed to dedicate last week to editing and ended up getting bugger all done when it came down to it, which is a little frustrating. Life can get in the way sometimes and those unimportant dramas sidetrack us away from the things which we should be concentrating on … those things which make life worth living: creative endeavours.

I have a couple more finished works that need editing into releasable forms – mainly formatting will be involved in this process. I have some nascent story ideas that are still in the early notional stages, and I have some ideas for new formats of stories which I think might be pretty exciting, but we shall see.

Planning is all good but it needs some doing to come along with it. This week I have been doing less doing and more lounging. But the films I have watched and the music I have listened to have got me fired up again.


One thought on “Wednesday

  1. silvanthato says:

    Amazing how music and movies can inspire and fire up the mind, especially after a serious bout with writers block.

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