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November 29, 2012 by musehick

So, I at one point was trying to trim down the number of websites that I was operating, but I am totally revising that thinking – sure, some of the projects I start take a dog’s age to go from infancy to maturity, but there are some which just hit the ground running and are finished before you can blink. The ones which take a little longer are, I figure, just not ready to be delivered and the story needs to hit that point where I am ready to grapple with it and get it done.

The high volume of places where I write and the amount of work I make available leads to the high number of projects I am able to complete. I always used to think it was a bit of a problem that I would have all these loose ends flapping around, but the websites have kind of replaced the notebook in  my own organisational world … readers get to see the thing as it is put together. I am not sure if that is interesting or exciting or if it even registers on most people radars, but it does facilitate me having an unlimited arena in which to let my ideas strut their stuff.

I won’t say I don’t ever edit, but the way I have been working is to let enough breathing space in the process convert into a burst of energy every time I write that lets the work flow in a certain way and I feel it doesn’t need much editing. There are probably a few writers reading this and slapping their heads and thinking I am either arrogant in my lack of editing (because you have to work hard to achieve something, right?) or they are laughing into their hands at my stupidity. Some people might get it though. I sometimes feel more like a jazz musician than a write because their is a musicality of spirit involved in the venture; a degree of willingness to be in and of the moment that lets me capture something that too much overworking would kill. It will make for interesting reading when I formulate and codify the techniques I use into a writing guidebook (obviously conveying it as ‘Do whatever thou wilt’ is very punk, but how much use can be derived from the message “I just did whatever the fuck I wanted and it worked”?

Being creative is in my opinion easy, but qualifying thing as far as technique is a little more complicated. Keep it simple – that’s what I aim for. But doing that is not necessarily the most native thing to a science fiction and crime writer. Something will emerge though, and it will have practical applications, otherwise, why write a guide?

So, this week has involved starting a few new poetry books, finishing off the necessaries for a collaborative project, doing some more on the nanowrimo project (which will not be done by the deadline, lol), and reading the work of a few friends.


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