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November 6, 2012 by musehick

It’s kind of funny writing this novel. I swear it is almost like I am writing the thing backwards – the front-end just keeps getting more and more added into it – once the ideas about different layers I can add calms down – which I hope will be fairly soon, I can start moving through it and joining up the dots. I mean, I think I am thinking with that in mind as I make each addition, because the stuff I am adding in is inspired by the stuff I am writing but the way it seems is like I have started off with one of those deep focus camera shots and I am pulling further and further outwards to see the rest of the world and it keeps getting larger and larger. The fact that it is coming so easy, I am going to take as a good sign, because whenever I start to over-think something it begins to deaden – it is like over-working some portion of a painting – you can take the light out of a figure’s eyes by worrying at it unnecessarily.

It is fun, anyway, and this is the first time on Nanowrimo that I have been ahead of the curve and actually feel like I can finish it before the 30 days are up. I am on fire, and one thing I can attribute this to is the fact that I am putting more organisation into my life. This involves getting myself healthier, on a better schedule, and all that. I am determined to make a go of everything in which I am involved and I don’t mean that in some airy fairy New Year’s resolution type way – I mean I am getting the data I need to make it work.


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