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November 2, 2012 by musehick

So, we are two days into Nanowrimo and I have written more in this two days than I wrote for the whole of the month last month. I am kind of excited by my progress – I have written nearly 7000 words so far and the thing is shaping up interestingly. I have found that in the last two years the way I write novels when I am writing them for Nano varies greatly in comparison to the way I have been constructing them when writing them in serialised form as flash fiction.

When I write thing serialised I am obviously kind of forced to write them serially – as in in succession, one following the other. When I write for Nano things kind of get seriously screwed around with – I think I have adjusted the front end of the story to layer it approximately seven times. Sure, in the end it may need some serious editing but I don’t think that will necessarily be so. As I complexify and layer the stories of the characters in this book it seems to grow organically – there is no forcing of the narrative to fit the emergent structure, it is as if they are growing in tandem. The structure twists the narrative, illuminates and pushes around the characters, and then the characters push back.

The world and the people who move around in it gather up some kind of determinism – like the rhythm that emerges in poetry which brings words to mind when you need to rhyme and contrasting sounds when you don’t – characters and the people they hang around with work in a similar way. The cadence of one guy’s speech and his attitudes bounces off the thoughts and considerations of someone else and they both tango around the subject and change each other and the world around them; the narrative, and by extension my own thoughts about where to push the story and how to write for those characters. Being a writer is like being a god some days and it is one of the reasons being a writer can be so rewarding – the creative process you are engaged in is anything but boring.


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