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October 30, 2012 by musehick

I am preparing for one final spurt to get the last few stories for a group project finished today that I am really excited about, and that you will probably hear about on here at some point in the future. The deadline is for tomorrow and I am almost there – had a big push on everything and the stories just came flooding out.

I am musehick on google+ and I have been pushing exclusive content out through that site which you might dig if you are into science fiction flash fictions.

I am coming to a close on the poetry book currently previewing on Goodreads, which is called “Contingent Haphazards”.

I will soon be finished with the website poetry project call ‘The Barbarous Babblings Of A Polymath” and that will be turned into a book.

I can see the end in sight for the book of uplifting ideas that I am calling ‘Posit If”.

‘Wormwood and Hyacinths’, a poetry book I edited together a couple of weeks ago is just waiting for me to put it out there.

‘Ortoematic Vol 1’ is moving along nicely – I just need to make  concerted effort to get that through the finishing gates.

‘Monkeyspank’ just needs a few more illustrations and it is good to go.

There are several other poetry books and short story collections, and flash fiction collections; two parts of a flash fiction serial; and more, ready to drop soon as well.

Nanowrimo is just on the horizon.

And there is a massive reinvention of a previous project underway that I hope you find as exciting as I do.

Stay tuned.


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