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October 25, 2012 by musehick

I have kind of hit that weird headspace that I used to hit where insomnia would not leave me the fuck alone. The kind of state where your mind is so active that it wouldn’t matter if you were washing down mouthfuls of turkey with night nurse (nyquil), you still wouldn’t be able to get a second of shut-eye. People have called me a machine when it comes to the amount of writing that I can pump out. I have been told that the amount of coffee which I imbibe is scarily inhuman and should be killing my kidneys, my heart, and all my sperm cells … and people have jumped to the conclusion (quite reasonably some of you may say) that my caffeine intake is the only reason that I am awake so much and asleep so little.

OK, well that may have possibly been true in the past, but I have been easing off my coffee consumption close to supposed sleepy time and I have – I think I mentioned it here yesterday – been taking Melatonin, a natural sleep aid, in order to get the head that is rested on the pillow shutdown … and what do you know? It doesn’t fucking work.

What happens is I yawn fifty billion times, get a similar feeling that I used to get from my allergic reaction to anti-histamines – skin turned to pins and needles, muscles turned to jelly, and nerves turned to electric wires coursing through the jelly and meat.

I want to stay up and write all the time – my head is abuzz with ideas. I am really close to turning out something interesting in the non-fiction field too; a much-dreaded (at least by me) foray into how-to-write-books, and some others on critical thinking, and maybe some stuff along the lines of ‘Basketball Diaries’ with less interesting events and people (maybe). I am writing for a project collaborating with some of my writing friends. I am editing someone’s book. I have three books of poetry (brand new stuff) about to drop. I have a whole swathe of short stories, flash fiction, flash fiction serials, and older poetry in the editing stages; and there is the odd novel rearing its head again. Lots going on. Oh, and at some point soon – some of the comics which I have been conceptualising and running away from like a pussy, will emerge and rear their heads into daylight. Ah, and keep an eye peeled for the resurrection of the intoviews sight finally.

Some  you may remember the aborted 365 project – it may be stretching its legs soon too.


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