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October 13, 2012 by musehick

I have just emerged from a literal and figurative two day coma – running a fever, not eating for two days; not really thinking for two days. Now I am vitamined up and I have eaten, so I am feeling pretty good. Not 100% but comparatively good. This week represents, at least, in terms of personally, a regrouping and concerted push forward on several fronts.

There were three sites that were fairly pivotal in my writing life, but the one that takes the prize has to be Writer’s Cafe. WC brought me to the States, got me to read poetry in front of people for the first time, got me together with my now ex-wife, and amped up my already prolific output while lighting a rocket under me that loosed all that free-falling, roaming lyricality that had been seeking a way to burst out of me. And this week I reopened my account. Now why, you may be asking (though probably not) is this even vaguely significant? Well, the site went down at one point and I, along with a whole bunch of other people who did not have the foresight to back work up, lost a whole swathe of work which they had entrusted to the site alone.

Why am I back there? Because it was always a great outlet, and I found some real gems there in other’s writing. I made some friends there who I am still friends with now. It brought me a lot of good things, and I figured that may be possible again.

Whenever I engage with something I try and tackle it head on – I come with big challenges for myself. The WC is a little quieter than it used to be, but there is still something friendly and familiar about it, and I like the format as much as anything. It will not be my primary focus or the place that most of my output will go through, but it will be an outlet. And why cut down the number of outlets you have?

Variety is the spice of life should be the whole idea that captures and sparks the imagination of a writer. A place to communicate with people? Well, that’s my bag, and it should be your bag. Every piece of writing I put out there is an investment in my future.


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