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September 25, 2012 by musehick

Yeah, so today I was and am feeling a little frazzled; I suppose that was the state of mind Monday too. I never necessarily get writer’s block because it isn’t like I sit down and try and write when I am in one of those moods — it is more like I can’t even bring   myself  to sit down and write anything. I can get vague glimpses of worlds I would like to enter and the kind of things that I want to write but nothing crystallises into an action – life sometimes gets that way, right? Like the machine is in motion … all the cogs spinning, but no forward momentum; well, that, to a degree, is what has been happening this week.

I have been experiencing a similar kind of fixed location, random motion feeling going on when I try and sit down and read something too. It is possibly the least useful state of mind for someone to be in. The other day I catalogued all of my websites and will be working out an interesting way to index them at some point … one, so that you all can find them; and two, so that I can keep them moving forward.

When I get like this it  usually means my whole universe is going through some kind of existential constipation and just needs crap out some huge monster meatloaf turd of a life decision and then I can move forward (crude analogy, I know, but some days hammering out a little creativity on this explanatory behind the scenes think-blog is the thing that kickstarts the grey matter).

I used to drink, I would occasionally spliff up, but I haven’t done that in forever and don’t intend to. Some people reading this may find that indicative of a boring arsehole, but they can take a running jump off a short pier. Because as true as it is that a Pope shits in the woods, and a bear uses toilet paper, I will bust up right through this bullshit.

I am still editing  by the way, so expect to see more from me on that front, and if you would like to help the state and status of an independent artist think about buying something from here: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/psgri2003

If you like the writing here enough then there should be something you will dig in the published books.


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