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September 15, 2012 by musehick

This week has been primarily about editing. I want to wrap up as many incomplete writing cycles as I can so that I can focus my attention on future projects, as a result I have put out six more books this week. Some people have talked to me in the past about overkill, and I have responded that my whole thinking on the matter is that if people only want to pick and choose and not read everything that I put out there then they are perfectly welcome to do that – if I give them more to choose from then where is the harm in that? I know there are some completists out there who like to collect every piece of work by somebody ( I am kind of like that myself), so how is it going to hurt either of these groups for me to put out copious amounts of work. I wrote the bloody things so that they could be read so what is the point in having hundreds of thousands of words idling on my hard drive.

Another argument I get is that most writers release books at the rate they do because of the work that needs to go into them – that they need so much editing, so much rewriting, etc, and that this is why they are of such high quality. Well, thanks for the evaluation of my work  and the suggestion that I maybe need to go back to the drawing board. If my work is not up to scratch quality-wise then no one will bother to read it, will they? I want to live in a meritocracy where people are judged on the quality of what they produce; one which is not so marketing-driven. But everything is marketing driven and I am sure I have bemoaned that situation before, in various places  – it is a new skill set which I must master if I hope to push my legacy beyond the status of a bookshelf full of books for the distant relatives who any lawyer who looks over my estate is going to have to dig up.

I have fun writing and I like having a physical product to show for it at the end. One day all of these projects will be products and I will be able to turn to them and I can say I worked hard to perfect my craft – look, here is the evidence; and along the way I may create some things which embody the sense of aesthetic beauty which I have been trying to hone throughout my entire life.

By the way  whenever I talk about “they” and “them” I do have very specific people in mind who have actually levelled said criticisms at me about my work and advised the withdrawal into meagre output that I outline. I would not want anyone to think that I am sitting here imagining that the whole world is against me or anything because I know that that is plainly not the truth. I have in fact been quite lucky with the group of people that I have surrounded myself with – most of them are, if not aesthetically savvy, at least open to the idea of some or all kinds of art. It has been much easier to be a part of an artist’s community since the entrance of the internet into my life – it has made self-publishing in its many forms possible, and it has also facilitated networking both in the virtual world and the physical world.

I am looking to write a few books, at least, about the way in which my aesthetic sensibility has developed and my work ethic, and I am hoping that they will be of interest to people, because I do work hard and I do feel that the work I produce does something for the people who experience it.

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A Ballet Of Bioluminescence

I am a bastard poet


react sun

dreaming yourself between


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