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August 12, 2012 by musehick

I wrote something the other day, or maybe a few days back – and that thing that I wrote, of all things to write and have it actually mean something (so you may think, and maybe I thought too was a facebook status update. I wanted to communicate something and I really thought about what I wrote … I put something of myself into it and sure enough, it communicated to people.

Someone came up to me the next day and told me that I wrote was inspirational, and that I should write more things like that. So I have been doing just that. To keep the format brief and interesting and to maintain the integrity of the whole enterprise I have decided to keep them as facebook updates. I have decided that I will collect them together at the end and make a little book out of them.

I sometimes write dark depressing dramas; violent sci-fis; crime fiction, and to be told that I had written something which helped brighten someone’s day, that kind of flipped me over … made me think differently: gave me a new target to aim at. That new target? To write something positive and uplifting every day or so. I have a couple of titles in mind for the book, but it may take a second to write enough to make said book. But to write something of that nature? It seems like a great thing to do.

A degree in philosophy? I have that. But you know what? It means little to me. University did not teach me to think; really didn’t teach me much of how others think, and it definitely didn’t teach me what to think. Did I arrive at this place myself? This place where I am able to formulate thoughts and put them together cogently, and use them to inspire others? No, of course not. One of the little bits I wrote was about the continuous reciprocal cycle of inspiration – others inspire me, I inspire them, and the waltz continues.


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