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August 7, 2012 by musehick

I have watched and read and created a lot of bleak things and some of them have really resonated with me. But you know the thing in them that resonated? It wasn’t the bleakness, it was the hope and the humanity that shined through that. Life, and I truly believe this, is not a hugely horrible mess of pain and anguish all the time; without the smallest hint of sunshine none of these pictures ring true.

I have seen misery and I have lived through some not so nice things, but it was not one long insufferable tract of cruelty. Yeah, I know, of course, there are existences that are like that, and sure, they should be reported upon too; but fiction is not reportage and if you consider the transformative nature of fiction to be an important part of its make-up, and I do, then, and I am sure you are getting my point by now, you don’t need to trudge forever through torture dungeons.

I intend to start a new set of stories called Ugly Fictions in response to this – something that shows the possibility of redemption in the bleakest of situations. Orpheus in the underworld is given its heart by the emergence into light. If someone or some thing in a story suffers purely to suffer and nothing else, it can be a horrible thing to endure.

I posted a number of posts today; moved somethings past that thing of being a lonely one part introduction, into the flow of an emerging narrative. Light and shadow; that’s wonderful and true.


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