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August 5, 2012 by musehick

Is it conditional that you be in a certain emotional state in order to write of a certain subject or in a certain genre? Might seem like an absurd question, but to really write love poetry, for instance, don’t you have to be in love or falling in love?

Science fiction can be written in any state of mind. Non-fiction too. But with something that comes from an emotional place, doesn’t it require that one be feeling that emotion for the poetry to be genuine? If you are not there doesn’t it just become greeting card bullshit?

I try to be honest when I write. I feel that everything comes from a viewpoint of ‘this is what I am feeling at the time’. I wrote some things which capture that tonight, and the reason these questions are occurring to me, is that I wonder whether it is ever obvious to someone reading these lyricised thoughts that the emotion is true, or would they merely be struck by the art of the piece?

Is it easy to distinguish when something comes from the head, and when something comes from the heart? One sometimes hopes so – when the intention is to let someone in on how you feel about them; but conversely, when creating a fiction, one hopes the artifice will allow suspension of disbelief and draw the reader into the logic of the piece. Indirect communication can never truly be honest I suppose, but in the lie there can be some truth. All this to say I wrote some love poetry – and in the writing of this short ramble you can see how the complexified thoughts of a writer are not useful to a person who needs to operate with the simplified thoughts of a human being. Love is simple; love poetry is not. has been tenderised today.


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