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July 29, 2012 by musehick

So, I am making my way through the saga of Hellboy, and it is something truly inspiring to behold. It is one of the richest tapestries I have come across since reading The Invisibles. To mix all the mythology and the action and the portents and mystery and to not have the characters become little but ciphers is quite an achievment … an achievement I would like to emulate, and one I think I have been training to pull off my whole life. My reading list points the way.

So, today I got a little Shakespearean, and started the new adventures of yorick which was inspired by looking at a Mignola skull. I am kind of excited by the idea, and as always it is going to be great fun to write. I am also planning a rhyming poetry book and a non-rhyming poetry book.

I let the updates on here slip, but I am going to get that back in. It keeps me sharp and focused to be producing every day, and of course it moves the projects on and gives my readers something to read. Somewhere in the mix I am also going to add in some editing time … get those projects near completion completed.

I aim to have something out there at some point that is the magnitude of a Hellboy or an Invisibles; quite a feat, I know, but always better to aim high.


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