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July 23, 2012 by musehick

Three books equals, what? A trilogy … right. Do I have the vaguest idea what it is about? No. But I bought three books to write in and I figured I was going to have a mix of prose and poetry spread across the three of them, but the initial idea was that they would be unconnected; then, as I sometimes am prone to do, was playing around with words and split the word cognitions into cog, nit, and ions. Those titles are loose enough to give me the scope to write about anything and that looseness, coupled with the desire to forge a tightly woven trilogy make for an interesting game.

I also started up (yes , I know) another site: thebluesofanignoredpoet. Now, the title may sound a little heavy and serious, but there is supposed to be a sense of humour at play. It’s kind of hard to be a po-faced sonnuvabitch when you are having fun with the whole thing.

I also started working on the goodreads stories again; keep them moving towards their end; which is, I think, a phrase I have used a few times of late, but hey … you start it, you keep it running, and then you have to end it, right? Sure, it makes perfect sense.

I am going to have a lot of books at the end of this. Know what would be cool? If you went and checked out the ones I already put out there Paul Grimsley’s Books.


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