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July 10, 2012 by musehick

Another day and another new site is born : emotional rec

For a long time I would do this – out something new out there and work on it; have an idea and put out something else new, move on that for a while, and then out out something else new. Occasionally it would mean that certain sites would fall into neglect and some people would get a little annoyed at me and tell me that I should finish off the thing which had been popular that I had been working on.

The intention had and always has been there, and I always look forward to and like finishing a project, because then I have a book which I can share with people … a finished work.

All of these things are moving in one direction – towards completion; why does it hurt to have more than one thing moving that way? Sometimes I hit a bump in the road on a story – something becomes hard for me to think with, or a plot point doesn’t want to resolve, or I just find something in another story I am writing that speak to me more for that unit of time.

The path and pattern and method in the madness will all explain themselves when we reach the end of the journey and you have something in your hands or something on your Kindle or whatever reading device you use, that you can read and see and enjoy and not have to wait through periodic instalments for.

Emotional Rec is going to be one of those fictionally distanced dissections of personal feelings that I sometimes have ground down into poetry – a way for me to think with the emotional reality of what is occurring and has occurred of late.  But don’t think I am sitting here typing any of it while weeping over my keyboard (not that I don’t occasionally do that); no, most of the time I will be having fun crafting an emotionally resonant piece of work … well, that’s the hope anyway.

Check it out, and if you are another writer and decide to follow me here or elsewhere, drop a comment in some time and let me put personalities to avatars.


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