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July 7, 2012 by musehick

Clear or Fill went live today, the ecological thriller idea that I had, and I feel like it kind of changed from the initial idea to the screen, and may be taking a whole different approach than the one which I had originally formulated. There are a lot of ways that a story can run and it is always interesting in the aftermath of publishing something to witness the outcome of of the decisions which I made in the act of creating.

I posted a quote about writers and creators which posed a question about why isn’t everyone dating a writer because they create every day – and it kind of makes a lot of sense. There is a magic in it – a transmutation that occurs in the nature of a being when he remembers some of the powers that make him such a powerful thinking creature.

Maybe, as I write this I am just getting wrapped in the watching of the Tempest, a film version which casts Helen Mirren as Prospera, a female interpretation of Prospero. It is one of my favourite plays – and I have seen many versions of it and love it and the creativity with which it is infused. It is a fun and captivating play that really shows Shakespeare at his height of creative powers. If you read Shakespeare and are not convinced of the plausible divinity of writers and artists then you are somehow sidestepping the magic which is contained in the transport which they enable in their words and the images that they conjure.

I read more Hellboy; I have a stack of interesting books to read – a pressing appointment with Charles De Lint set up for me by a friend, and more written adventures  to embark upon. The fun continues ad infinitum.


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