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July 5, 2012 by musehick

I am obviously writing these posts at the arse-end of the day so they are kind of coming as we creep into the next morning. Dirty Lens went live today, and anyone who is following my output will have noticed a lot of new sites popping up here and there – well, I am going to be push, push, pushing as hard as I can to get some new work out there for people to peruse, and these works are going to be books eventually. They suggest themselves, they arrive, and then they run.

I suppose I may seem to be something of a hit and run writer – scattershots of effort in one area and then a shift of attention to another work and a big push in that area. What can I say? These sites allow me to present the work in some kind of order, and they should show that I am constantly writing (which they obviously do) but sometimes new inspirations strike as I am working on another piece of work, and I have never felt that it is a great idea to not take up the conversation with a new world when it starts talking to me.

Sure, the full picture will sometimes take a long time to develop, but it does develop, and the volume of work that I am putting out there for people to read will eventually be something of, I hope, an  opus that is, if not impressive (though I hope it will be) at least entertaining.

I hope to give some insight here into what I am doing, but to be honest, a lot of the thought about how to put together a piece of work occurs while the work is being worked on. I have been informed in the way I work for a long time now by the pulp fiction writers and the beat generation of writers, and I like that idea, no matter the genre, of playing the whole piece like it were jazz. I want the writing to be alive and roll out of there like the blue notes from Davis, the screams of Parker. Things are meant to have rough edges some times … I polish where necessary; but it is great to breathe in the work you do … to take in the world in one long deep breath and exhale it like a primal scream in text.


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