September 1, 2011 by musehick

so, i have been writing a lot of 55 word micro fiction in the last few days on my site counting 55 and today i just launched counting 434 which is a spin off the whole 434 project which was kickstarted by broadie thornton over on facebook. i really enjoy both these forms – they make you pare down what you need to say to tell a story right down to the bone; it tightens up all your other work when you have to learn how to write this way. if you haven’t tried it and you sometimes feel that your work is flabby and bogged down by unnecessary verbiage and dead end story elements, then this could be the solution. it kind of reminds of writing “news in briefs” when i trained as a journalist – it kicked the crap out of the writer i was … having learned by writing essays and such … the whole point there was to prove that you had this huge vocabulary and you ended up with a whole load of guff that never really told anybody anything and never really forwarded the story in the least.

i am still amassing submissions for the magazine magazine and hope to launch that soon – if you are reading this and you have something that you think might be worth submitting please don’t hesitate to shoot it over to me. and again, i know i said it here before, but i also intend to get this site running on a daily basis again, as the title indicates it should be – not some random dropping in of thoughts which i have another site to handle.


One thought on “thursday

  1. I’ve been writing short short stories usually with a foto attached – I’m wondering how short I can go – interesting development though – does half a sentence amount to a short story?

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