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August 6, 2011 by musehick

so, i was kind of talking about this to my wife, who is a great writer and at this present time studying writing – how i often tried to translate into my work, meaning my fiction – the impetus of a song or an album or the energy and stylistic push of a comic, and i kind of left the thought hanging there. and then i am sitting there reading casanova by matt fraction and he starts talking about how when he sat down to write casanova the tunes of phil spector and his wall of sound were a driving force behind his thinking.

i have seen people talk about one medium in terms of another – comics get the label filmic; films get labelled as comic-like. and out of the intersecting interests of various artists we get weird hybrids that are already up and running before some of those little mainstream bastards even learn to string a couple of words together.

when i sit there and i look at certain stories i know that they are my pixies albums; pushed through the trash compactor that is my mind. it is a wonderful way of making sausages and art. we consume so much shit these days that our turds are beautiful mutant peacocks. it made me smile – that thought of mr fraction’s; it really chimed. aren’t a whole load of us trying to pay tribute to what we loved in whatever way we can? and don’t we feed the appetites of future artists who will turn to our works and decide they want to do something that distils the essence of this and mashes it up with that? sure, i hope so.


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