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July 29, 2011 by musehick

Build a language, build a world, people it, and then see how hard it is to let the thing go. I had planned for Ortoematic to be a short story collection and then a series of three novels, but for a few days now I have been planning out a further four volumes of flash / short fictions that expand the stories of characters already introduced and introducing new ones.

I have planned for a series of spin-offs featuring the other members of Otto Matic’s family, but I am not seeing that there are other interesting characters that I have introduced who also might offer another angle of entrance into Otto’s world

So, by the time I get to writing the novels for this series the world that I am going to be drawing from and the main character I will be using, namely Otto Matic, will be a really rounded creation. The world has its own logic, and the breaks in logic manifest in a certain way, and I am really excited about the plans for the fifth volume because it represents a real widening of the scope and canvas of the story.

I have planned out a lot of work for myself in the short term which I see as paying off in the long term – each story and its release model designed to gather up a following by putting out the serialised story in regular instalments that will take us through the next four years for Ortoematic, and at least a year for the other stories.

Working up these stories so they can have a regular release pattern will allow me to finish those unfinished projects which have lingered too long and to focus on working out how to complete those longer works which as yet have not been concluded. A very exciting time, for me at least, and hopefully for any readers out there.


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