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July 28, 2011 by musehick

it’s interesting, i read a lot of other writer’s blogs and i see how they are only working on one project and it amazes me that they can do that – perhaps these uber-focused guys are the only ones who write the huge fucking doorstopper novels, but i am sure they must have just as many unwritten things that come to them as ideas when they are writing which they stow away as notes for a later day. sure, it could be a problem that every time an idea bites with me i try and knock something out; like taking a snapshot of every new face you meet. a problem? or just my working practice?

some people advise against trying to cut open the golden goose to work out exactly what it is that factilitates the creation of your work, but the only way you can win a game is to understand the rules so that you are able to bend them, and what is creation but a game?

this last couple of days i have been rewatching “twin peaks”, reading “deadman”, “86’d” by dan fante, and “zen and the art of writing” by ray bradbury. i like to feed my inspiration lots. “the last airbender” was a disappointment but nowhere near as bad as “the happening”. “dead like me” the series was great, but the follow up movie should have been kept on ice until they could get all the original cast members on board because the new ones just didn’t cut it – sometimes as you watch it you know that the idea-well has run dry.

my souundtrack for the last few days has been the church, radiohead and bjork.

all of this stuff mashes together in my head, steeps like brewing tea, and comes out the other end … sometimes i’m using the nutrients and sometimes i am using the waste. it is all about picking the harmony and the dissonance, getting the right balance … knowing when to fuck with it and when to leave it alone.


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