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July 25, 2011 by musehick

So, today I decided to finish off introducing Rex Tete (Doghead) and release him into the wild. I like waking up with these guys popping into my skull and demanding attention and that I give voice to their stories. There is a strange carnival that moves through my mind and I like to tell everyone about it – and that does not make me in any way nuts – ask all the other writers out there and i am sure they will back me up.

I have been finishing off “Dead Like Me” on netflix and it is one of those series that has definitely stuck with me – it is so nice to be able to have watched it completely. I like seeing a series from start to finish, I like watching as a character grows, I like to see story arcs pose themselves as problems and then work to solve themselves.

Sure, single self-contained stories are great and sometimes they do capture and lay out the passage of someone through their life, but a huge multi-volume tome has so much scope and can be so rich and it is big and you can really sink your teeth into it and you get to come back for more. sure, like movies, there are lots of books that you read and you don’t want to ever see a sequel see the light of day, but there are just as many you look at and want more and more of them.

beginning, middle, and end make a very satisfying step by step, but it is very nice to step past endings into new beginnings too.


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