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July 24, 2011 by musehick

there are certain works that you read and certain movies that you watch which, by the end of them, uplift you and give you something to think about; they can actually change your life if you are open to it. i know that i have had more than several moments where a book i have read has caused an axis shift in my life … this has happened with both fiction books and non-fiction books.

what is my ambition as i sit down and write something? i should be thinking about that, right? about having something that i wish to communicate to the people that read the word i put out there in the world. well, i usually do – sometimes it is something as simple as telling the flash fiction or poetic equivalent of a joke, or sometimes i am satirising some situation that is out there in the world. what would i really like to write though? something that touches people and effects them in a way that, while not necessarily profound, is at least a way that helps them in their life.

might seem a strange thought for someone who writes primarily science fiction or crime novels but it is a thought i have nonetheless. i have read some things lately by ray bradbury and jean giraud (moebius) which express the joy in the craft that they are practicing, and that is what i want to exemplify – even when i am writing about something that on the surface is not that cheery, i would like to state that i am having real fun writing it. i wouldn’t do it otherwise – i think i have said that before; i am not a suffering artist and i don’t write therapy poetry.

in a totally unrelated aside i note today that amy winehouse died – what a fucking shame; all the naysayers and backstabbers can fuck themselves – she was a kickass singer with a great voice, who cares about all the other shit?


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