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July 22, 2011 by musehick

So, it has been a pretty thin week around here, but I have been working away at different projects – formulating a framework and pattern of release for things. There has been so much brainstorming going on that you might say my mind has been a fairly turbulent weather system.

I have had ideas for stories that link into existing story universes that I have already created, and new ones which will expand my creations. I am enjoying the complexity and the fun in creating that complexity in which my characters can live.

I have spent the week watching ‘Persons Unknown’ and sensing that it got axed before the person writing it got a chance to tell the whole story, and having read on wikipedia (something I probably shouldn’t have done) that the ending was unsatisfactory, I am wondering what loose ends will be left flapping. It’s an interesting show and it built its characters into interesting people pretty rapidly. It must be hard to have to curtail something you saw as having legs and being able to run a lot longer – one of the benfits of beiong an independent artist I suppose.

The submissions are starting to stack up for “the magazine magazine” and I am looking forward to being able to put a magazine together.

I have also been checking out the brilliant Brandon Graham’s blog again and reading an interview with him that gives a wonderful insight into the thinking behind his work.

Fiction of all genres; poetry of all genres – this is where I want to make myself felt; where I would like to my mark creatively. I am planning to bring that to fruition.


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