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July 13, 2011 by musehick

Sometimes the things you watch, read and listen to influence you in an interesting way. I have been writing a lot of ortoematic this week at the same time as I have been watching ‘Weeds” and I think as that show has got darker in tone and some of the comedy was pushed out in favour of drama a similar thing happened with my story. There was a weird confluence in the fact that Otto in the story was starting to deal with more drug dealers too and his own growing habit and the stories, whose titles I already had, became slightly more connected than some of the previous installments and Otto began to descend into a darkness which we will see him emerge from in a few episodes as a slightly changed character.

You need the darkness to give the light meaning, to give the character depth at least. I am still having fun in the writing of it – it has been rolling out like it is telling itself – which is always a cool thing, and tells me that it is going as it should go. I have a couple of spin-offs planned for it, but I am going to work on a couple of different stories once this one is done so I can come back to this world and make it nice and fresh and evolve it. We are in the home stretch for this set of stories I think, and I can see where it is going to end, which is a cool feeling.


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