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July 9, 2011 by musehick

today, i had a lot of fun writing a couple of episodes of ‘ortoematic’ and that my friend is how writing should be. this painful tortured oh woe is me crap is one of the biggest wastes of time in the world. so, great, you are an artist who has a hard time of it and you want to keep that going because you know that is where your inspiration and your fire comes from. you know what i have to say to you? go fuck yourself.

if art is not a transformative experience, a creative experience, rather than some masturbatory self-therapy bullshit, then ho hum … not so interested.

sure, i listen to music from people in that category and i have read some books by people who wear it like a badge of pride, but i always find it really fucking disappointing when i eventually get interested in the writer behind the work and find out that they are nothing but a whiny bitch … it takes the shine off of things.

you do not have to suffer just to make a profound statement. i understand that you at least have to live to be able to write about living, but does it have to be such a drudge? no.


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